A ‘Roux’ is a centuries old French technique that is the base for many fabulous sauces, used for making gravy with the juices from your bird or roast and used in soups. It acts as a thickener. It is flour with mainly butter in French cuisine but some other cultures like Cajun will use bacon fat as a substitute for butter. Vegetable oil can also be substituted.

A basic like this sets you on your way for creative cooking.

Depending on what you are making you can adjust this for quantity and the thickness you desire.

1 Tblsp butter
2 Tblsp flour

1. Melt the butter in a small pan on low to med low and slowly add the flour and use a whisk or wooden spoon and stir constantly. It will start to bubble as it blends. You don’t want to burn this or your flavour will be off. If you burn it, start over.

From there you can add your liquids or juices.